Paparazzi Trouble: Kanye Almost Get KO'd By a DO NOT ENTER Sign in Beverly Hills

Kanye West went into a full rage on photogs after he walked into a street sign while on an afternoon stroll with Kim Kardashian. And responded by rushing the photogs, saying, "Don't take no more photos."

Kanye West, walking up a parking garage ramp, keeps his head down to avoid having his face shown for photographers. In doing so, he crashes his forehead into a rigid metal sign and suffers a bump and small laceration on his forehead.

TMZ Managing Editor Harvey Levin asks, "Who is responsible for this?"


The sign?

or, Them -- the photogs."

Kanye West charges the paparazzi a few times, and Kim Kardashian is OK with it ...

Kim Kardashian is OK with Kanye West blowing up at the paparazzi (just like he did Friday/he's done it before) because she says paps have been more aggressive during her pregnancy.