Siri Help for the Movies

Siri is the Apple Inc. voice intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator which works as an application for Apple's iOS (more about Siri below examples).
Press and hold the HOME button ...

SAY ...
Find movies playing in theaters nearby ...

"What's playing at the movies?"

"What's playing near me?"

Questions will show an answer listing movies playing nearby. A touch on any of the listed movings produces a profile of the movie with a list of theaters playing the movie nearby -- the closest at the top. 

You can also ask Siri to find movies near contacts with full addresses, or your office location, if it's configured.

Other suggestions to ask Siri ...

"What romantic comedies are playing?"

"What animated movies are playing?"

"When does movie [MOVIE NAME] open?

Siri will answer with statements, such as ...

"[MOVIE NAME] was released yesterday"


"[MOVIE NAME] will be release [DATE]"

You can also ask by genre ...

"What action films are playing today?"


"What action movies are playing today?"

You can ask about actors, too ...

"Who starred in Jurassic Park?"

If you ask a movie that has sequels or similar names, Siri will ask "Which one?"

Then you click on the listing and get a profile. If you pick a unique movie, you will received a short list of stars in the movie.

Try these too ...

"Who directed [MOVIE NAME]?"

"Show me the movie reviews for [MOVIE NAME]?"

"What is the Rotten Tomatoes score for [MOVIE NAME]?"

"Which movie won Best Picture in [YEAR]?"

"Show me a trailer for [MOVIE]?"